Pearls for your engagement ring and bridal jewellery

Egyptians were said to start the tradition of engagement rings. Made out of braided reeds, they believed that the circular shape of the ring symbolizes eternity. Rings were exchanged between the bride and groom and were always  worn on the left hand ring finger; a vein apparently ran from there all the way to the heart. Meanwhile, to the ancient women of Rome, engagement rings signified a business contract or an affirmation of mutual love and obedience. 

Pearl has traditionally been associated with the moon and regarded as a symbol of innocence, loyalty and purity. With imperially composed beauty and classy look, pearls have always been amongst the favorite in royal jewellery and their weddings. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries Europe, it was THE gem for weddings, to the extent that royal weddings in the French House of Burgundy were held in a “sea of pearls”. The bride, guests and everyone wore pearls.  The common people naturally looked up to the royalties for fashion inspiration and it was naturally a popular choice for engagement rings and wedding jewelry up till the 19th century in Europe and America.   The British royalty still continue with their tradition of wearing pearls on the wedding day.  

Diamonds are not necessarily the only way to win a woman’s heart. Diamond is expensive and thus they are slowly being replaced by unconventional and more affordable alternatives. Pearl engagement ring is amongst the favorites and features prominently in the list of engagement rings. They are popular especially amongst the younger millennials who are more daring and not bound by tradition and culture. Besides being differently beautiful, classy and sophisticated, they are naturally formed, nurtured and cared for.  They are produced sustainably and responsibly making them more environmentally appropriate than their diamond counterpart (think of blood diamond). 

They provide value for money. No other gems can offer such brilliance, depth, richness and diversity of colours, hues and shades like pearls do at a fraction of what they cost. Add a twist to the classic white pearl and choose a Tahitian black pearl. Dare yourself and have confidence and faith in black pearls. It can pull you through and surprise you (and others too).Truly a gem for all of us and all occasions. It marks you, the ring and the occasion as truly unique. It stands out and is therefore memorable.  

Pearl symbolizes purity, beauty, femininity, and love. How then can you express and mark your feelings on and for that special occasion: 

Solitaire:  A classic through the years; a gold or any metal band with just a single solitary pearl. Shows class,  beauty and simplicity at its best.

Accent or Halo : Use of  diamonds or other gems to accompany the chosen pearl. Adds that extra bling not that the pearl needs it 

Cluster: Why use  one pearl ? Let your imagination - and heart - race a bit but beware that it may not be seen as an engagement ring.   Weddings are all about customs and rituals, new families and friends Regardless of who we are and where we come from, weddings are all about being and looking our best; adorned with the best of dresses , outfits and adornments.  Regardless of your bridal style – sophisticated, distinguished, rich, noble or classically traditional – pearls are perfect for this. Centuries old royal traditions cannot be wrong.